PR Connection #3

On Saturday Sandra Bullock accepted the worst actress award at the Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as the Razzies. The following night Sandra was awarded the Oscar for best female performance in a leading role. This strange turn of events was so strange but nice to see. Sandra showed up at the Razzies and accepted the award and made a comical and fun speech to lighten the mood of receiving such a horrific award. She then proceeded to give everyone in the audience a DVD of the movie All About Steve, of which earned her the award. On Sunday night as she received the Oscar it was so endearing because she had the guts to stand there so gracefully after basically being mocked the night before. An Oscar is the most prestigious award an actor can receive so I absolutely love that she won it. Sandra’s performance in The Blind Side which won her the Oscar was one of the best portrayals of a character in a movie I have seen in a long time. She captured the hearts of everyone who saw it, so it was really no surprise that she was awarded an Oscar for her role. I think that Sandra made a good move by attending the Razzies the night before and gracefully and light-heartedly accepting the worst actress award. It really showed good character on her part, and it also was a good publicity move for her because now everyone is talking about the fact that she won the best and worst actress in all of 24 hours. Sandra’s PR people were there with her on stage at the Razzies supporting her and I believe it made her look very confident and not turned off by this ridiculous award. When I watched her get the Oscar I was clapping as if I were there with her at The Academy Awards–Go Sandra!


March 8, 2010. PR Connections, PRCA 3330.


  1. Chris Yates replied:

    I thought it was hilarious to see Bullock accept the Razzie in person. It’s just like her though, she seems like a good sport. The move to accept that type of award is a brilliant move I think. If she had done nothing or acted upset about it, she could lose her down-to-earth image that people associate her with. Also, I think that she tapped into a very human aspect of movie watching: For some reason, people like to watch bad movies and witness bad action. It’s strange but true, so even though she doesn’t really need the publicity, it’s keeping her name out there and reminding people that she’s a cool person.

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  3. Jessica replied:

    Hey Lauren!
    I have always loved Sandra Bullock. She has been my favorite ever since Hope Floats. I loved that movie as a child. I thought it was so funny how she was earned the best and the worst awards within the same 24 hours. Only Sandra Bullock could pull that off. She has a quirky and fun sense of humor about her that enables her to be able to do those kind of things and make it funny. With all of this success you think this would be the happiest time of her life, but her stupid husband has made it bittersweet. He has been cheating on her for a very long time! That just makes me mad at men in general. What kind of person could do that to Sandra Bullock?! He is just crazy!

  4. kristinabundy replied:

    I completely agree. I thought it showed what a great sport Sandra Bullock is that she could receive an award for the worst actress for All About Steve one night and win an Oscar for The Blind Side the next night. I agree with Chris that showing up in person made Sandra Bullock seem a lot more down to earth and accessible. She has a great PR team encouraging her to go to awards like the Razzies, and hopefully she will be able to get through her current drama with Jesse James and all his alleged mistresses quickly. She is America’s sweetheart after all, and all the bed PR her husbands getting is endearing the country towards her even more.

  5. shelleymartin replied:

    Hey Lauren!
    I absolutely love Sandra Bullock, and so when I saw that you wrote a blog about her, I just HAD to comment! I think that through all of the “award” shows she was such a good sport and played along, but then she was stunning when she won the Oscar! But now, with all of the other drama going on with Jesse James, I feel like it has taken away from her award and has shown her in a negative light. Of course, she is still being very classy in my opinion and I hope all of this goes away for her sake! Great blog!
    Shelley Martin

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  7. hkbarnes replied:

    I am so glad you blogged about this because I thought it was a great PR move from Sandra. Although, I wonder if she wasn’t nominated for the Oscar if she would have gone to get the Razzie. It’s easy to go and do something like when you still have confidence in your acting ability with a Oscar Nomination (and eventual win) to back you up. Either way, the woman’s got some serious gumption because I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to do that and THEN pass out copies of the movie that won her award. She handled her critics in a humorous and classy way. Good for her!!
    Happy Blogging!

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