Comments Week 13

“I like the idea of using holidays to get more people in the door. I think the pr for braves is all about making it about an experience not just about a game. It should be about the food, the outfits, the games, etc because that is how you attract people that aren’t huge baseball fans.”

“I feel the same way about baseball season and how it signifies the springtime and everyone wanting to be outside and happy! My dad is the biggest fan but really doesn’t attend any games either because of all the hassle.”


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TOW 13- Take Me Out to the Ball Game

How funny that this is the topic of the week because what you described happens to be my dream job! I have wanted to work on the marketing or public relations team for the Braves for as long as I can remember. I am a huge fan of the Braves and baseball in general, since I grew up playing baseball on an all boys team from 5 years old to 14 years old. Growing up so close to Turner field I have gone to my fair share of games and watched players get traded in and out for years.

There are many things that I would suggest for enticing people to come to the game. If the team is doing well I would entice people with free raffles that include giveaways like free food and drink stubs for in the park. I would also entice people to come by saying that the first couple hundred people to get to the park will get in free if the team was doing well. These both would work if the team was doing well because they are simply additives for people who would be coming anyways because of the teams performance, they do not make you feel like you have to come. If the team were not doing so great I would implement a mail out system where everyone on the list would get a free meal at the game which would entice people to come. The other thing I would do to get people in the door would be to have themed nights hosted by one of the alcohol sponsors like Bacardi for instance who could do a beach theme or a red out the stadium theme where everything they sold would be in a red cup, red drinks, people would be handing out red braves shirts etc. People are more likely to come with friends when there is a fun theme or event going on.

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Comments Week 12

“I second that Aussie men comment, no doubt haha! I want to visit Seattle as well although my reasoning is a little different than a Starbucks obsession, I would visit because of my Grey’s Anatomy obsession!”

Why do I feel like everyone except me has had the opportunity to travel to Europe? I hear so much about these school trips to Europe and it kills me because I should have done it in college when it would have been much cheaper and I could have gone with friends. Prague sounds fabulous though good luck with that!

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TOW 12- Bags Packed, Where To?

If I had the resources and time I would first want to travel all throughout Europe. I would want to hit Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, etc. I have always wanted to go to these places, and one of my biggest regrets in college was not doing study abroad. I don’t consider myself to be too well traveled or worldly only because I haven’t exactly left the country other than a couple of cruises to the Caribbean. I would love to see the other cultures and taste the different food, and see all the well-known sites that I always hear about but never get to see. Inside the U.S. I would love to be able to travel the entire coast of California. First I want to go wine tasting in Napa Valley, then up to San Franci I sco to see the Golden Gate bridge and all it has to offer. I would then love to go to San Diego because I have heard it is such a neat place and I would love to see the zoo there. From there I would travel to the ski slopes and finally to Los Angeles for the shopping and celebrities. I have some family in California so hopefully I can make it out there sometime soon. Traveling to me is so freeing and you don’t have to worry about anything and you can relax and just immerse yourself in where you are. Hopefully I will have the funds and time to take these trips in the near future but at least for now I can dream about it!

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Comments Week 11

“Your are correct, education about social media is very important and should indeed be the first step to convincing someone that it is crucial for their business. Obviously if people don’t understand what it is they can’t buy into what your talking about.”

“That is a good point about the advertisement shift we have seen, that would undoubtedly change the opinion of a cooperate baby boomer. I certainly view a lot of ads through social media now and I know my parents who are baby boomers view most of theirs on television and in the newspaper.”

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TOW 11- Generation “Get In the Know”

Convincing a Baby Boomer or any older generations that social media can be very beneficial for their business is a weighted task in itself. If I didn’t grow up with technology as I have I probably wouldn’t see the necessity of it either. I was actually born in the same year that AOL began and can remember playing on social media in middle school and high school. Although the way I grew up was still much different than it is today. I did not grow up with all my friends having cell phones or IPads like you see the little kids with today, even I get weirded out by that, so I can only imagine what Baby Boomers think of it. However, it is time for everyone to catch up especially the older generations or else they will be left out. My reasoning would be for them is that all top companies around the world use social media for their benefit including the Coca-Cola Company, Wal-Mart, Google, the big four accounting firms, etc. Although at first they might have been hesitant they understand that to capture the younger generation you must tap into their everyday activities which does involve social media like Facebook and Twitter. Now I am not saying that you need to dive in to Pinterest, YouTube, and Flickr and try to branch out to every social media site out there, but it is proven that if you have an active page and many followers on Twitter and Facebook then your company will be more transparent and easily accessible.

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Comments Week 10

I was also a huge fan of fresh prince of bel air as well and it was one of my favorite theme songs to a television show. I never missed an episode and Will Smith happens to be my all time favorite actor. If I could meet one actor in my life I would want it to be him, his comedy is effortless and I pretty much own all of his movies to date.

A lot of the shows you mentioned I can remember waking up on Saturday mornings finding my brother watching the same ones. I of course being the younger sister was forced to watch what he wanted and so I recognize all he shows you mentioned. Looney Tunes is a classic though and it is sad to know that kids growing up these days may not even know who they are.

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TOW 10- Bring Back My Shows!

Back when Nickelodeon ruled my world it was a much simpler life. From TGIF to Nick at Night I simply could not get enough of my favorite shows. Even though I am sure everyone has a line-up of their favorite shows today that maybe change every couple months or even years, childhood television shows for some reason still seem very special to us and we haven’t forgotten a beat. For me, Boy Meets World on TGIF was one of my favorite shows that I would love to bring back. From Corey and Topanga to his best friend Shawn and most of all Mr. Feeny I could not get enough. I still joke around with my brother today and chant “FEEEENAAAYY, FEHEHEHEHNAY” as Corey’s brother did on the show almost every episode. I also loved the show Saved By the Bell and could still recite the theme song on point if you asked me to. I associate that show with grade school, watching it every morning with my bowl of cereal before school. I had a huge crush on Zack and Slater on the show and it is still funny to see slater hosting television shows on MTV nowadays when all I can picture is his curly black mullet from the show. I have a lot of fond memories watching Nick at Nite with my mom as well. I used to watch I Love Lucy re-runs until I was blue in the face and consider Lucille Ball one of my favorite actresses of all time. Growing up in the 90’s there were so many great shows to choose from but it is interesting that even though I remember the shows, I now have the connections that went along with watching each of them, like getting ready for school, spending time with my mom, and getting excited about Friday nights once school was out for the week. 

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Comments Week 9

The google alert is a good idea for those interested about what you are selling. It makes it easier for those people because they don’t have to go on a search for it and a lot more convenient.

I had the same opinion about utilizing social media. What could be better than free advertising? Unfortunately those companies who chose to live in the stone age are inevitably going to get left behind!

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TOW 9–Selling Social Media

When I decided to major in Public Relations four years ago I didn’t imagine social media to be one of the driving forces behind my degree. I didn’t realize the importance of Social media in the workforce and what effect it would have on companies today. A lot has changed in the past four years to where you could have gotten by several years ago not having your company involved in all the social media sites and continuously updating them and hiring a consultant for your social media or a PR practitioner who was well versed in it. Today this is not the case. To be a well-respected and recognized company/force in your community you must engage in social media and the proper practices and standards while using it. It is important for these companies to realize that if you don’t participate in these sites that your customers surround themselves with, you will be at a total loss and be missing a huge market. The biggest companies in the world use Facebook and Twitter now and were not just talking obvious ones like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, but all of the Big Four Accounting firms too. These accounting firms would have probably laughed at the idea of keeping their social media up to date several years ago but now they know that there is a huge market for it and even accountants have to keep up with the ever-changing social media world. If I had to sell new technology like Twitter and Facebook to a client or my employer I would explain the necessity of free advertising. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to market new products and services to the public but I firmly believe the least invasive way to do so is by interacting with your customers and showing them on the social media sites they are utilizing daily.

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